Frequently Asked Questions

How often should it be applied?

Once a day is a minimum (we recommend twice for faster results) before applying any other products. Allow 2-3 minutes before applying any other skincare products to this area.

How Long Will the Bottle Last?

If you use twice per day approximately 30 days

Who makes Aphelia?

Aphelia’s team is lead by Dr Johnny Lai, Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a team of expert botanists and dermatologists. It is manufactured in world class laboratories and perfected through early expertise selection of herbs by hand and all fully tested for any pesticides and heavy metals.

What makes Fountain and Aphelia different?

Aphelia and Fountain is unlike any other skincare range you may have used in the past. Aphelia uses hand selected natural ingredients, and then expresses and percolates them into our own concentrated extracts.

These treasured concentrates are then combined with luscious modern dermaceutical ingredients.

As a result Aphelia can create highly complex formulations that embody both the traditional oriental philosophy of energy flow in your skin and modern scientific know-how; to directly target the visible signs premature aging, including dull skin, dark spots, fine lines, sagging and wrinkles. 

Will Fountain deteriorate or expire quickly?

Fountain is contained in a special airless sealed pump bottle protecting it from bacteria. This allows Fountain to stay at a premium standard for up to 6 months after being opened or if you don’t use it at all up to three years from manufacture date.

Can I apply Fountain over other products?

Yes Fountain can be used with other products. We recommend you wait at least 3- 5 minutes before applying over a previous product.

How does Fountain work?

Fountain hydrating essence traditional herbal extracts has been individually selected, and hand prepared; the purity, grace and beauty of lilies have been distilled in phyto-extracts that convey a consoling deluge of cellular re-hydration. Fountain hydration essence further embraces traditional extracts of Shan mai dong and Bei sha shen that restore balance and maintain tonicity; ensuring that the skin is carefully conditioned to accept and retain the delivered moisture.

Dermal affusment is further secured with the exceptionally mild astringency of cucumber, aloe and chamomile that perform harmoniously to regenerate the outwards appearance and water balance of dehydrated skin.

Modern cosmeceuticals complement Fountain. Hyaluronic acid is an intrinsic component of our skin’s natural structure, recently discovered by modern science. Allantoin is naturally found in comfrey. In Fountain, it has been concentrated and highly purified to further promote moisture incorporation into the extracellular matrix of the skin.