Power of wild Herbs 

A significant difference between Aphelia Cosmetology and other products you may have tried, is the outstanding traditional knowledge and practice of oriental herbs; drawn from imperial masters and years of dedication studying with famous oriental practioners

Our comprehensive library of evidence and studies means Aphelia Cosmetology has an oriental herbal knowledge base that would take many decades to replicate.

To optimize effectiveness and benefits, only the finest species of ingredients are sourced from the best origins, and then individual components are hand selected at the correct time of harvesting

Every herb, to be as effective as used in Aphelia, has its own special climate, location and soil specialty, each herb contains different elements, so it is very important to know what is the exact environment for the herb, choose the right herb otherwise the effectiveness of the bioactive catalysts will not work.


Our world-class extract screening combined with biotechnology has identified a range of multi-compound herb extracts that have bioactive constituents that actively improve the healthy and vibrant appearance of skin.

Our researchers know exactly what is likely to be most corrective and then we optimise and re-test them to make sure the renewing properties are at the highest possible level.

Our products truly are bespoke. At times difficult for us to obtain the correct plants at their premium and as a result there may be limited and exclusive supply of some Aphelia products so that we can ensure That each of our customers can rely on our science.

As a result of this unbending approach we can guarantee the intended and preferred effects, including original aromas can be continually preserved.