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Our Mission is to create the truly harmonious embodiment of genuinely effective, bespoke cosmetic formulations and create highly complex formulations that embody both the traditional oriental philosophy of energy flow in your skin and modern scientific know-how; to directly target the visible signs premature aging

Aphelia Cosmetology is unlike any other cosmetic company.

We are dedicated individuals with outstanding, demonstrable expertise in Chinese medicine, biochemistry, dermatology and botany. Dedicated to rediscovering and interpreting Traditional Chinese cosmetic practice; that began in the Six Dynasty period and has been popular for thousands of years and carefully infusing this with modern cosmetic bio science.

Aphelia Cosmetology is devoted to holistic and biotechnological development of effective natural skincare formulas with carefully selected oriental herbs. Our world-class extract methodology and botanical screening regime together with proprietary manufacturing technologies; combine with modern biotechnology to identify and produce multi-compound herb extracts that have bioactive catalysts in to improve the healthy appearance of skin.

Aphelia Cosmetology is located in four countries; USA, United Kingdom  Australia and our holistic and scientific development base in Taiwan. We provide our clients with a superior level of service from our global customer service centre which operates 24 hrs. a day , 7 days a week (exception is Christmas day) . 

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At any stage should you have any questions please contact us by phone 1 800 925 9813 or email