Our Philosophy is; that with knowledge and fortitude, the trilogy of nature, tradition and modern science can be co-opted to create the truly harmonious embodiment of genuinely effective skin care. All of our creations will be more concentrated, and thus more effective in delivering readily visible results and longer lasting beauty.

A powerfully synergistic fusion of nature, ancient knowledge and modern scientific endeavour.

Asian medicines focus on creating an influence on the body that redirects energy towards harmonious balance and wellness; detoxifying and purifying the body using natural medicaments.

This rebalancing requires that the herbs are harvested at their peak and prepared with impeccable attention to detail, ensuing that constituents, essences and energies embodied are within the extract. We know of no other cosmetic company that embraces this attention to detail.

Our Founder Johnny Lai (master of Chinese medicine) began his journey into Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) when his son could not effectively resolve his health issues using Western medical practices and drugs. In his search for a safe and effective cure, our Founder met with a renowned practitioner of TCM and assisted with an effective and gentle resolution to his son's health.

After this profound personal encounter with the miraculous potential of Chinese medicine, our founder decided to study Chinese medicine and followed that esteemed doctor for more than 10 years and has since built a recognised health pratice in Taiwan assiting many people both in his hom land and internationally.

He had a vision, to broaden the reach of oriental medicine and achieve a collaboration of western science and formulate gentle pure and powerful skin care products that actively address the most important issue of modern skincare anti-aging

The result is a very exclusive set of products; synergised nature and luxury that wraps the powerful extracts together for an unequalled experience. Performance and aesthetics, in a single package


Aphelia products have now been established for over eight years. The ongoing dedication by our founder is to invest in more advanced formulations to re create traditional cosmetic skincare formulations more than ever achieved before ; more visible results for both appearance and the harmonious balance of body and soul.  


 "Great medicine comes from nature"

 Oriental herbs are reknowned for their beauty benefits

With each essence we extract a prescription level quality.This can only be achieved with a high level of attention to detail of our herb selections.Oriental herb extracts have naturally occurring proteins and peptides that assist key enzyme functions assisting to thicken of the dermal layers helping to reduce the signs of aging. Only oriental herbs are known to have such high levles levels of naturally occuring protiens and petides.

Our unique formula's also include modern cosmeceutical's that target underlying health in firmness of capillaries to further prevent further effects of the aging process

We must select the right herb otherwise the effectiveness of the bioactive catalysts will not work. This is why our founder hand selects the herbs for every birth of a new production. This comes at a high cost to have the very best , but the results are worth it.


Our Traditional Ingredients

Panax Ginseng was traditionally used to slow the aging process, by improving the ability to with stand stress and as a general tonic for wellbeing. In this embodiment, it is has a stimulating antioxidant effect, potentiates a role in the protection of delicate membranes.

Chrysanthemum The dried flower contains the essential oil bornol and several glycosides. It also contains adenine, choline, B vitamins, and substances similar to vitamin A. Evidence suggests that chrysanthemum has a fresh, floral invigorating action.

Lycium barbarum is widely known as Goji berry; a rich natural source of antioxidants. It also contain contains phytonutrients such as carotenoids, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, niacin, pyridoxine, ascorbic acid, and various minerals. Naturally imbrued with glucopeptides and amino acids..

Schizandra Sphenanthera Fruit Extract richly replenishing, this red, springtime berry, also known as ‘Bei Wu Wei’ is treasured for its energizing prowess. The extracts are skin stimulating, ideal for regaining lost stamina and resisting stress; this potent extract can help diminish the visible signs of aging..

Glycyrrhizae (an extract of the dried roots and rhizome of licorice), the major phyto-constituents are triterpene saponins and Glycyrrhizin (glycyrrhizic acid, glycyrrhizinic acid); Licorice extract is prized for its skin re-lightening properties; included to here specifically to reduce redness and the visible effects of dermal irritation.

Paenonia (Peony Flower or Bai Shao)herbaceous peony root is an important Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),rich in different bioactive components, such as monoterpenes , volatile oil, triterpene and  paeoniflorin, a glycoside and antioxidants as well as complex polysaccharides. Peony is highly desireable; for its potent dermal antioxidant prowess.

Laminaria digitata is more commonly known as brown sea kelp; contains a complex of marine bionutrients including alginate, lamine, and laminarin. These substances can bind moisture and draw it closer to the skin with soothing, replumping and detoxification effects.

Laboratories around the world are now subjecting the Oriental ancient system of medicine to more detailed scientific investigation.

Eastern inspired formulations work on the 'principle superior regime' of dealing with a problem before it appears. This is a more gentle to approach resolving issues of dermal imperfection.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine (TCM) embrace up to three principles or actions;

- those that nourish the Qi or body energy (flow in the body),
- those which calm the mind, or
- those which warm the interior.

Aphelia Cosmetology has extensively drawn upon from great oriental (TCM) masters to prepare proprietary complexes

This dedicated approach to ehance these with modern biotechnology to micro refine each and every one of the age-fighting ingredients allows us to deliver nourishment and lock in moisture essential to the vitality and overall appearance of your skin.

The benefit of Aphelia is that we have worked side by side with the latest developments in Western Cosmeceutical ingredients and mastered the oriental herbal knowledge bridge.

Each of our hand, crafted extracts not only adopts one or more of the three guiding aspects; it also can be demonstrated in the traditional literature as having complementary effects with designed target organs or tissues.